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Oh what joy! Oh what fun! The splendor of breaking out of jail! Or at least that was how Flumpty saw the situation. He would sometimes commit crimes just so he could bust right back out of jail because he thought it was fun. He had done it so many times that he had already lost count. Because of how often he did it, there was literally a cell reserved for him in there. Since he did it so much, one would expect him to grow bored of it. But nope. No dice. There was a ton of things he did a lot that he never got bored of. The phrase “a ton”, was likely not an exaggeration either.

To get out, all he had to do was use his ability to transcend space and- poof! He would magically appear in front of the jail. He would then run off yelling “catch me if you can!”.

And that was exactly what he did. When the clock struck midnight, Flumpty rose from the cot in his cell, and then teleported to the front of the jail. He waited until one of the searchlights landed on him, then he turned around and ran while the alarms began to blare. “Catch me if you can!”

He kept going until he reached a sign that said “Welcome to New Dork!”. The jail he had been in was located on the outskirts of his hometown, New Dork. If the city had to be described in one word, it would be… different. It was a very colorful city, and its residents were rather… interesting. You would find any creature in there but human. The place pretty much looked like something out of a children’s book, or a town in a cartoon for little kids.

As for Flumpty Bumpty himself, he too counted as one of those “interesting” residents. He was an egg. A giant one around four feet tall with black stickfigure-like limbs and a face. Normally it wouldn’t be physically possible for such short skinny limbs to support the weight of an egg that big, but this was New Dork. Anything was possible in there.

He strutted into the city in his usual unnaturally cheerful mood, looking around. It hadn’t changed a bit. As usual, the city was unimaginably noisy, the sounds of cars and the chatter of the city’s occupants. As he wandered through the streets, he’d occasionally pass a telephone pole with a poster on it that said “Wanted: Flumpty Bumpty. Reward: 500 dollars. Offense: Committing a spree of random crimes and the defiance of the laws of time and space for no reason.” Below all that was a picture of him. He would just chuckle when he saw the posters. He was pretty famous around New Dork, almost always being featured on the front page of the local newspaper “The New Dork Rhymes” for whatever abomination he had recently done.

Not even he completely knew why he kept going like this. One reason could be just because it was fun, and reason number two could be because he knew he would always get away with it.

As he continued to walk, the people that saw him immediately ran into their houses, shutting and locking their doors and windows some of them saying things along the lines of “Oh God it’s Flumpty” or “What is he doing in this part of town?”.

He kept going until he reached the apartment complex he lived in. He could have just simply teleported to his apartment, but to him it was more fun to walk so he could look around at the city as he went.

The inside of said apartment looked like a regular apartment, if you didn’t count the red stains on the carpet and walls, and all the picket signs laying around demanding a ban on the consumption of eggs.

Flumpty sat down on his couch and picked up the tv remote, and flipped through the channels until he found the one he was looking for- the one in the music channels that always played classical music. He liked to put it on before he went to bed, since it helped him relax. He turned it up loud enough where it could be heard from the bedroom, then set down the remote, got up, and went to his bedroom. He got on his bed which was shaped like an egg, got under the covers which was blue with eggs on it, and laid down on his pillow, which was- you guessed it- shaped like an egg. And soon enough, that egg was sound asleep.
Yeah I've started writing something for One Night at Flumpty's. 
f-rankenstein Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2016
i love that flump listens to classical music, that is great
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